13 Years of everything

13 years ago, I was born. I remember nothing. I was a bluish lump of the universe.

Why was I blue and not pink?

The cord. Wrapped around my neck not once, not twice, but FOUR times.

I couldn’t breathe.

The doctors tried to get me to breathe, but I just couldn’t. And the whole time, my mother was trying to see me,  to hold me, to love me.

Twenty minutes later, I took my first breath.

It was beautiful. Of course, I remember nothing.

13 years later, here I am, writing this blog. 13 years of Asperger’s, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Doctor Who, and dinosaurs.

Eeeup, my life has been fantastic.

A Crush: an (almost) 13-year old boy’s perspective

I was at The Greater Good BBQ, having dinner after my brother’s 5th grade graduation celebration. The whole time there I felt as I was to barf.



My crush. Like Me in many ways. She likes Doctor Who, I like Doctor Who. She likes marsupials (namely the wombat), I like monotremes (namely the echidna). As I have just learned, she is reading Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles”, I’ve already read  it.

I’ve been wondering, since tomorrow is the last day of school, if I should give her my number. I finally tell my mom that I will give her my number. As soon as I get home, I start to type my Number up. At the end I put an EXTERMINATE!!!!, the famous Dalek war cry, as a way of saying “I love you.” (although Daleks have no emotions).

The next day.

4 freaking final exams today.

The whole day, I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking.

But then, 3:55.

Judgement minute.

As she goes up to leave with the rest of us, I stop her to give the note to her.

“Don’t open It until you get in the car” I say.

After I get out the door, I start to race-walk away. I quietly turn my head and see her walking closer to me.

In my head, oh so quietly, all hell breaks loose.

I look to where I’m walking, but she catches up with me. My brain is wondering “did she read it early?!”

She then gives me her E-mail address.


I walk outside getting into my Dad’s car. I see her walk into her’s nearby.

Today, with my birthday being tomorrow, I go on my E-mail account, and type up a note, asking if she would like to come to see Iron Man 3 with my family and I.

Now all I have to do is wait.


Daily Prompt: VIP.

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

She always helps me with my homework (though I never usually need it) at the drop of a hat. She holds me when I feel stressed. She is the only one understands me. She is my helper. She knows (most of the time) what I need. She gives up on work whenever I don’t feel good at school to pick me up. If it had not been for her, most of my projects would not have been completed. She is my savior. If I want something, she will (normally) get it. Life is a whole lot easier with her. If it had not been for her, I would not be writing this. She is my Mom.

My Mom’s Blog

Happy Monkey Land

My mom and me headed out for some deep sea fishing.

Despite everything, we still do

Have you ever done something dumb, while at the same time, know that it was bad for your health, or stupid? This just goes to show what the human race is mostly made up of: ignorance. Like when you see (or smell) somebody smoke. They know that they will probably get lung cancer, or make somebody else get lung cancer from second-hand smoke, but they don’t care. Why? Ignorance. And when somebody goes breaking into a store, stealing whatever they want (A.K.A. Black Friday) when they know it’s wrong. Again, ignorance. Cheating, breaking the law, making another unnecessary NBC, CBS, or FOX sitcom. So why do we do it? Because we know that it is stupid and dumb, but do we care? NO-O-O! Some people just let those crazy people die, or face their punishment, or regret what they did. But I want to help, like get over their addiction, or make their punishment lighter, or get rid of The Mindy Project on their DVR. Because I know that there is hope deep-down inside them. And I intend to bring out that hope for everyone.

About Me and Why I Don’t Care if Haters Hate Me

So you’re probably wondering,” Who on Earth cares about you? Who the heck would read this? And because of this, why am I reading this?” Well, guess what: I don’t care. It’s not that I don’t care what you think, it’s that I don’t care what you think about me. So those people who are not more than half pessimistic in their body, here is some stuff about me:

  • As the title suggests, I LOVE Pokemon (sorry, there’s no way I can have an E with the signature ` on it) , especially Pikachu, Snover, and Fennekin.
  • The reason for these three is of my 3 buddies (stuffed animals) , Sibby the snowman (Snover), Abdul the fennec fox (Fennekin), and last, but not least, Pikachu the… well, you get the idea.
  • I have Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, so I see things differently than other people. When we’re talking about autism, my 2 heroes are Temple Grandin and Max J. Horowitz.
  • I am 12 years old, in 7th grade, and think that I am the only intelligent person in my school, when it comes to common sense and wits.
  • I have 1 brother, 1 sister, and 1 turtle, Arkey (named after the largest turtle that ever lived, the archelon).

So, basically, that is an overview of my life so far. I hope that most of you people who are going to be reading this aren’t haters, because please, don’t hate!