Despite everything, we still do

Have you ever done something dumb, while at the same time, know that it was bad for your health, or stupid? This just goes to show what the human race is mostly made up of: ignorance. Like when you see (or smell) somebody smoke. They know that they will probably get lung cancer, or make somebody else get lung cancer from second-hand smoke, but they don’t care. Why? Ignorance. And when somebody goes breaking into a store, stealing whatever they want (A.K.A. Black Friday) when they know it’s wrong. Again, ignorance. Cheating, breaking the law, making another unnecessary NBC, CBS, or FOX sitcom. So why do we do it? Because we know that it is stupid and dumb, but do we care? NO-O-O! Some people just let those crazy people die, or face their punishment, or regret what they did. But I want to help, like get over their addiction, or make their punishment lighter, or get rid of The Mindy Project on their DVR. Because I know that there is hope deep-down inside them. And I intend to bring out that hope for everyone.


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